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Ideal Boiler Prices Review for 2024

Ideal Boiler Prices Review for 2024

Latest Ideal boiler costs, prices & review guide for 2024

The cost of a new boiler is a significant investment for any home, so it’s essential that you understand the type of boiler needed and how much the replacement will cost.

Ideal boiler prices start relatively low with the budget Ideal Logic starting at around £479 as opposed to the Ideal Evomax starting at £2,360, we’ve covered all the Ideal boiler prices you need.

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Ideal boiler prices vary depending on the model you choose

Ideal Logic boilers are one of the most installed boilers in the UK and they are the choice of new-build contractors due to their energy efficiency and ease of installation due to their compact fit and simple build.

With competitive boiler price on top, Ideal also have their top-of-the-range Ideal Vogue Gen2 boilers which are more powerful and come with up to 12 years warranty! See our range of new boilers online now by clicking get a quote!

How much is an Ideal Boiler?

An Ideal boiler will cost from £479 on its own for its entry-level Logic 30 combi boiler.

A company such as Ideal has a huge choice of heating systems, whether a combi, system or a regular boiler.

Don’t worry about what boiler type you have too much, though as all boilers cost around the same.

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What will affect the price of an Ideal Boiler?

Aside from make and model, the size or output of the boiler will determine how much the Ideal boilers prices will cost. You need to ensure that the power output will suit your needs and the size of your home.

If you are looking for a smaller boiler or want to move a boiler into a kitchen cupboard then the Ideal logic is perfect.

Ideal boiler installation cost – Fitting and parts included

This article will provide all the information you need about the boiler manufacturer Ideal.

We’ll look at who the company are, take an overview of some of their most popular boiler models, and then provide that all-important new boiler costs along with information for each range.

If you need a new ideal boiler installed but don’t have the cash upfront, you can always get an Ideal boiler on finance.

Ideal Combi Boilers Prices From £479 to £1381 Without Installation

For one-bathroom homes, then it’s likely that a combination boiler will be a good fit for your needs.

These Ideal boilers prices start at around £479 for the best selling Ideal Logic C30, and up to £1,381 for the Logic ESP.

You only need the boiler itself, so there’s no requirement for a water tank or hot water cylinder.

Combi boilers have no storage of heated water ready to go. So, that does mean that if your household needs hot water from several outlets, all at the same time, then a combi is probably not going to be a great choice.

That said, there are now a couple of combination boilers that incorporate some storage, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

Ideal Compact Combi boiler prices with a long warranty

If your looking for great compact combi boiler prices then the Ideal Logic range is excellent. They have a range of options with different warranty options to choose which is best for you.

The more you pay, the longer the boiler warranty is in this range.

Take a look at the best logic boiler in the range…

Ideal Logic Max Combi

We all want an efficient boiler because that will lead to lower energy bills and reduce our environmental impact.

The Ideal Logic Max Combi achieves an A ErP grading when heating your home and for hot water supply. This upgraded boiler from the original Logic combi boiler still has all the same great features. It also has a system filter that enhances the boiler’s longevity.

This condensing boiler is available in three power outputs, 24kW, 30kW, and 35kW.

This allows you to get a suitable model fitted depending on your heating requirements.

If you’re wondering what those figures represent, a 30kW boiler uses 30,000 watts (30 kW) of power per second to heat the water needed to keep the house warm.

Check out the other combi boilers in competition with the Logic, the Viessmann Vitodens 050-w, and the Worcester 4000 combi boilers.

The Max Logic Combi is a compact boiler that can discreetly fit into the kitchen.

Its low weight also means that it’s a quick and easy installation. 

We also like its hard-wearing and scratch-resistant design, which keeps it looking its best for longer.

If the Ideal Max Logic Combi sounds like it could be a good fit for your heating needs, we’ve written a complete guide just about this boiler which you can find here.

If you prefer something less powerful, you can get a fixed price on a logic C30.

Ideal Logic Max Combi Boiler Natural GasLogic Max C30Ideal Logic Max C24Ideal Logic Max C35
Warranty10 Years1010
Width (mm)395395395
Height (mm)700700700
Depth (mm)278278278
Weight (Kg)36.233.736.4
ErP Heating EfficiencyA-RatedA-RatedA-Rated
ErP Water EfficiencyA-RatedA-RatedA-Rated
Noise Level46db46db44db
Flow Rate (L/min)12.49.914.5
FuelNatural GasNatural GasNatural Gas

Powerful Ideal Combi Boiler Prices UK For Medium-Sized Homes

If you’re looking for a more powerful combi boiler at a great price then Ideal have a few more options.

The Vogue Gen2 is one of the best combi boilers that Ideal makes.

This boiler price starts at around £898 without installation. If you want this combi boiler installed, expect to pay around £2,300, including parts and labour.

Ideal Vogue Gen2 Combi prices

When Good Housekeeping awards its Reader Recommended status to a boiler, you know that this is one to take a closer look at.

When you also realise that the Ideal Vogue combi has been endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust, your search for the perfect boiler may have ended!

Made in the UK, the Vogue features a full-colour LCD display for ease of use and comes with up to a 10-year part and labour warranty when you opt to have the Ideal System Filter fitted during installation.

Frost protection is standard, so no more worrying about heating problems if you’re away when temperatures drop.

If you cannot connect to natural gas, the Vogue Gen2 can also be powered by LPG when a conversion pack is fitted.

These are great back boiler replacement due to their high outputs.

Ideal Vogue GEN2 Combination Boiler Natural GasIdeal Vogue C26Ideal Vogue C40Ideal Vogue C32
Warranty (Years)888
Width (mm)445445445
Height (mm)740740740
Depth (mm)330330330
Weight (Kg)32.435.433.8
ErP Space Heating EfficiencyA RatedA RatedA Rated
ErP Water Heating EfficiencyA RatedA RatedA Rated
Noise Level47db49db50db
Flow Rate (L/min)10.616.413.1

Vogue Max Combi Prices From £968

As part of Ideal’s premium range, it’s not surprising that the company feel confident enough to offer up to 12-year warranties on this range, especially as it comes prepacked with the Ideal System Filter.

So, the lift from ten to twelve-year warranty comes from the installation and servicing is completed by a Max accredited installer.

The Vogue Max has been designed with ease of use as a key feature.

From the 3.5in full-colour customer interface to full-text support for fault modes, the Vogue Max is quick and easy to set up and maintain.

Available in three power outputs, 26kW, 32kW and 36kW, all of which are ErP A-rated.

A weather compensation kit is offered as an additional accessory for this boiler.

This intelligent technology allows your boiler to check the temperature outside. It can reduce the boiler water flow until the ideal temperature is reached for your household.

This means it’s much easier to keep the heating at a consistent temperature around the home while increasing efficiency and lowering energy bills.

Ideal Vogue Max Combination Boiler Natural GasIdeal Vogue Max C26deal Vogue Max C32deal Vogue Max C40
Warranty10 Years10 Years10 Years
Width (mm)450450450
Height (mm)740740740
Depth (mm)330330330
Weight (Kg)41.141.443.4
ErP Space Heating EfficiencyA-RatedA-RatedA-Rated
ErP Water Heating EfficiencyA-RatedA-RatedA-Rated
Noise Level47db50db49db
Flow Rate (L/min)10.613.116.4
FuelNatural GasNatural GasNatural Gas

Compare Ideal Combi Boiler Prices & Warranties

Boiler ModelWarrantyBoiler Price
Ideal i-mini C24 Combi Gas Boiler2 years£479
Ideal i-mini C30 Combi Gas Boiler2 years£515
Ideal Vogue Max C26 Combi Gas Boiler12 years£968
Ideal Vogue Max C32 Combi Gas Boiler12 years£1,069
Ideal Vogue Max C40 Combi Gas Boiler12 years£1,167
Ideal Vogue GEN2 C26 Combi Gas Boiler10 years£898
Ideal Vogue GEN2 C32 Combi Gas Boiler10 years£985
Ideal Vogue GEN2 C40 Combi Gas Boiler10 years£1,089
Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 26kW Gas Boiler10 years£1,141
Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 33kW Gas Boiler10 years£1,233
Ideal Logic Combi ESP1 38kW Gas Boiler10 years£1,381
Ideal Logic Combi C24 Gas Boiler2 years£750
Ideal Logic Combi C30 Gas Boiler2 years£845
Ideal Logic Combi C35 Gas Boiler2 years£950
Ideal Logic Max C24 Combi Gas Boiler10 years£810
Ideal Logic Max C30 Combi Gas Boiler10 years£892
Ideal Logic Max C35 Combi Gas Boiler10 years£1,013
Ideal Logic Plus C24 Combi Gas Boiler7 years£635
Ideal Logic Plus C30 Combi Gas Boiler7 years£700
Ideal Logic Plus C35 Combi Gas Boiler7 years£822

Ideal Regular Boilers Prices

Regular boilers produce hot water in advance of you needing it. That means they need a cylinder to store it, cold-water storage to draw the water supply from, and an expansion tank.

While they tend not to be anyone’s first choice when looking for a heating solution for a new build, there will be situations when the easiest replacement option is to fit another regular boiler.

With this in mind, Ideal provide a choice of three different regular boilers to choose from, the Logic+ Heat, the Logic Max Heat and the Mexico HE

Powerful Ideal Heat Only Boiler Prices do not include hot or cold water tanks.

If you are looking for a more powerful conventional boiler from ideal at a reasonable price then the Ideal Mexico HE is a bit of a legend.

This floor-standing heat-only boiler is great for larger homes and can provide hot water to multiple taps simultaneously while heating over 20 radiators. All energy efficiently obviously.

Take a look at this timeless classic from Ideal…

Ideal Mexico HE prices from £1,323

The Mexico HE is a floor-standing boiler that has quickly become associated with low running costs and minimal maintenance requirements.

Like many of Ideal’s boilers, it has achieved endorsement from the Energy Savings Trust, which in turn provides you with confidence about this boiler’s efficiency levels.

One downside to this model is that the warranty is just for two years.

This means that you should also look into the costs of a boiler cover plan to ensure that you have ongoing cover should your boiler need attention.

This boiler is available in five different power outputs, running from 15kW-36kW, and is available with a remote user’s kit to allow you to control the system no matter where you are in the world.

Ideal Mexico HE Regular Floor Standing BoilerIdeal Mexico HE15Ideal Mexico HE18Ideal Mexico HE24Ideal Mexico HE30Ideal Mexico HE36
Warranty (Years)22222
Width (mm)450450450450450
Height (mm)850850850850850
Depth (mm)530530530530530
Weight (Kg)5252526468
ErP Heating EfficiencyB RatedB RatedB RatedB RatedB Rated
FuelNatural GasNatural GasNatural GasNatural GasNatural Gas

Ideal Logic Max Heat prices from £770

The Ideal Logic Max Heat is the latest version of the hugely popular Logic+ Heat.

One key upgrade is that you now get the Ideal System filter included as standard.

This specially designed filter helps reduce debris getting into your heating system, enhancing the effectiveness and the life of the boiler.

Even with all this on offer, it’s still a compact unit that will conveniently fit into a standard kitchen cupboard.

If you’re keen to ensure that your boiler is ready for future fuel changes, then it’s reassuring to know that the Logic Max Heat can run on a 20% hydrogen blend without needing any technical adjustments.

This stepping stone is the first stage for the boiler to run on 100% hydrogen. A goal which is anticipated for the mid-2030s onwards.

This boiler is available in five different power outputs from 12kW through to 30kW, so there’s a Logic Max Heat whatever your home’s heating requirements.

The Logic Max Heat has a 10-year warranty when the installation is registered within 30 days and is serviced annually.

Ideal Logic Max Heat Regular BoilerIdeal Logic Max Heat 12kWIdeal Logic Max Heat 15kWIdeal Logic Max Heat 18kWIdeal Logic Max Heat 24kWIdeal Logic Max Heat 30kW
Warranty (Years)1010101010
Width (mm)395395395395395
Height (mm)700700700700700
Depth (mm)278278278278278
Weight (Kg)28.728.728.728.728.7
ErP Heating EfficiencyA RatedA RatedA RatedA RatedA Rated
FuelNatural GasNatural GasNatural GasNatural GasNatural Gas

Compare Ideal Regular Boiler Prices & Warranties

Boiler ModelWarrantyBoiler Price
Ideal Logic Heat H12 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£681
Ideal Logic Heat H15 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£717
Ideal Logic Heat H18 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£752
Ideal Logic Heat H24 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£788
Ideal Logic Heat H30 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£912
Ideal EvoMax 30kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£2,360
Ideal EvoMax 40kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£2,620
Ideal EvoMax 60kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£2,700
Ideal EvoMax 80kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£3,340
Ideal EvoMax 100kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£4,064
Ideal EvoMax 120kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£4,325
Ideal EvoMax 150kW Regular Gas Boiler2 years£4,500
Ideal Logic Max Heat H12 Regular Gas Boiler10 years£770
Ideal Logic Max Heat H15 Regular Gas Boiler10 years£811
Ideal Logic Max Heat H18 Regular Gas Boiler10 years£841
Ideal Logic Max Heat H24 Regular Gas Boiler10 years£861
Ideal Logic Max Heat H30 Regular Gas Boiler10 years£973
Ideal Logic Plus Heat H12 Regular Gas Boiler7 years£643
Ideal Logic Plus Heat H15 Regular Gas Boiler7 years£717
Ideal Logic Plus Heat H24 Regular Gas Boiler7 years£786
Ideal Logic Plus Heat H30 Regular Gas Boiler7 years£987
Ideal Mexico HE MEX 15 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£1,323
Ideal Mexico HE MEX 18 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£1,431
Ideal Mexico HE MEX 24 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£1,979
Ideal Mexico HE MEX 30 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£2,431
Ideal Mexico HE MEX 36 Regular Gas Boiler2 years£3,354

Ideal System Boilers Prices

Regular boilers power your home’s central heating system and then use a cylinder to store hot water. They fill directly via the mains cold water connection, so there’s no need for cold water storage tanks.  Ideal offers a choice of four different system boilers to ensure that your heating needs can be met.

Ideal Logic+ System prices from £717

Continuing with Ideals impressive award-winning range, Logic + has not only won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise, but it also made Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended status in both 2013 and 2017.

The Energy Saving Trust also approves it and has Quiet Mark accreditation for its hushed operating noise.

The Logic+ is designed to fit into a standard kitchen cabinet, so if space is at a premium, this can be a great choice.

Available in four different power outputs, 15kW, 18kW, 24kW and 30kW, with a seven-year part and labour warranty and ten years cover on the heat exchanger.

Ideal Logic+System Boiler Natural GasIdeal Logic+ S15Ideal Logic+ S18atural GasIdeal Logic+ S30Ideal Logic+ S24
Warranty (Years)7777
Width (mm)395395395395
Height (mm)700700700700
Depth (mm)278278278278
Weight (Kg)31.631.631.631.6
ErP Heating EfficiencyA-RatedA-RatedA-RatedA-Rated

Ideal Vogue Max System prices from £882

With its high-quality brass system filter, this boiler is designed to last. So, while it is a little pricier than the rest of the Ideal system boiler range, the fact that you can receive up to twelve years of warranty makes that price difference seem a great deal!

Ideal continue their intuitive approach with regards to setting up the boiler through the use of multifunction buttons and a 3.5-inch full colour, backlit LCD display.

Ideal has even included a countdown to your next service date, which displays a telephone number to call to get the appointment arranged. This is heating made easy.

With a low lift height and being a single-piece unit, installation is quick and easy, making it a popular model among heating engineers.

Ideal Vogue Max System BoilerIdeal Vogue Max 15kWIdeal Vogue Max 18kWIdeal Vogue Max 26kWIdeal Vogue Max 32kW
Warranty (Years)10101010
Width (mm)445445445445
Height (mm)740740740740
Depth (mm)330330330330
Weight (Kg)3838.840.542.2
ErP Space Heating EfficiencyA-RatedA-RatedA-RatedA-Rated
Noise Level50db52db52db50db
FuelNatural GasNatural GasNatural GasNatural Gas

Compare Ideal System Boiler Prices & Warranties

Boiler ModelWarrantyBoiler Price
Ideal Logic System S15 Gas Boiler2 years£785
Ideal Logic System S18 Gas Boiler2 years£801
Ideal Logic System S24 Gas Boiler2 years£835
Ideal Logic System S30 Gas Boiler2 years£870
Ideal Vogue GEN2 S15 System Gas Boiler10 years£798
Ideal Vogue GEN2 S18 System Gas Boiler10 years£874
Ideal Vogue GEN2 S26 System Gas Boiler10 years£990
Ideal Vogue GEN2 S32 System Gas Boiler10 years£1,064
Ideal Logic Max S15 System Gas Boiler10 years£854
Ideal Logic Max S18 System Gas Boiler10 years£882
Ideal Logic Max S24 System Gas Boiler10 years£912
Ideal Logic Max S30 System Gas Boiler10 years£932
Ideal Vogue Max S15 System Gas Boiler12 years£882
Ideal Vogue Max S18 System Gas Boiler12 years£963
Ideal Vogue Max S26 System Gas Boiler12 years£1,075
Ideal Vogue Max S32 System Gas Boiler12 years£1,146
Ideal Logic Plus System S15 Gas Boiler7 years£717
Ideal Logic Plus System S18 Gas Boiler7 years£754
Ideal Logic Plus System S24 Gas Boiler7 years£785
Ideal Logic Plus System S30 Gas Boiler7 years£870

Who Are Ideal?

If you’re looking for a company with a solid history in the heating market, then Ideal must be on your shortlist.

Founded in 1906, this company popularised the boiler moving into the kitchen and away from the cellar.

With their Cookanheat model, finally, there was a boiler that not only provided hot water but could also heat the home and had an oven for cooking dinner.

Ideal was the company finally made boilers achievable for the average UK family.

Ideal has continued with its highly innovative approach to heating.

In 2009, their Logic range achieved an industry-leading 90% efficiency. 

The company’s head office is based in Hull, and they have a team of engineers in the UK field.  

Ideal Boiler Prices Including Warranties For Your Peace of Mind

Ideal offers a warranty of between 2 and 12 years on their boiler range. With such a variation, it will be important to check what’s being offered on the model that meets your needs. Ideal boiler warranty varies from model to model and the more you spend the longer the warranty you can get.

The extended cover does come with some qualifying criteria, including the boiler being installed and serviced by a Max accredited installer and when the installation is completed that it’s registered within 30 days.

Additionally, you will need to show that the Ideal boiler has been serviced annually.

Ideal boiler problems and fault codes

Ideal boilers are smart enough to figure out what is going on with them if there are any issues, faults or errors.

Here are some of the more common fault codes you may encounter as your boiler ages.

Here are some of the more common fault codes you may encounter as your boiler ages.

Ideal boiler controls and smart thermostats

Ideal boilers are controlled the same as any other boiler. They require a thermostat to enable you to control the heating in your home. You have the option of hardwired, wireless or smart thermostats. All these work by sensing the temperature in the air and letting you set your desired level.

Ideal boiler price summary

Whether you’re looking for a combi, system, or regular boiler, Ideal will have a heating solution that’s an excellent match for your needs.  With a strong UK heritage, this company continues to manufacture all its units from the Hull-based head office.

With an excellent scope of pricing, from the i-mini combi boiler right through to Ideals premium ranges, this manufacturer offers the ideal boiler for sale, and to all consumers.

We have a free fixed-price service to find out more about all prices, including installation. Not only will we make recommendations based on your home and heating needs, but you’ll also be able to book an installation date online in a few minutes.

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