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Ideal Boiler F2 Fault Code Meaning and How To Fix

Ideal Boiler F2 Fault Code Meaning and How To Fix

What does Ideal F2 Fault code mean on a boiler?

Ideal Heating has simplified the meaning of the code to ‘Flame Loss’.

The F2 Ideal boiler fault code flashing indicates that the boiler cannot operate safely and can indicate a number of boiler problems. These include:

  • Malfunctioning gas valve
  • Faulty fan
  • Flue obstruction
  • Mains gas supply problem

These problems are not easy to fix yourself. If you see the Ideal boiler F2 fault code, you will need to have a Gas Safe boiler engineer inspect your appliance and make repairs.

What causes Ideal F2 error boiler flame loss & how to fix

This indicates that an Ideal Logic boiler was capable of igniting the flame necessary to heat water but it went out due to some other reason. This is different from an L2 fault. It means that the boiler was unable to ignite the flame.

A printed circuit board (PCB), which acts as the control centre for your boiler, is located inside it. Before the next stage can begin, each stage must be confirmed by a printed circuit board (PCB).

It will display a fault code if it is unable to confirm a stage (e.g., the flame being lit) and stop the boiler from working.

This is known as “locking out” and it ensures that your boiler does not continue heating without all components in working order. Otherwise, this could cause damage to the boiler and even lead to explosions.

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Ideal Logic F2 Fault Code Causes

There are many reasons for the Ideal F2 fault code on your Logic boiler. Most of these require an in-depth inspection of your boiler, and possibly your central heating system. If you are wondering what F2 means on a boiler, then a Gas Safe engineer can help. Also, don’t attempt to take apart your boiler yourself.

We’ll now discuss the most common causes of the Ideal Logic F2 fault code.

Gas Valve

We’ll start by discussing the gas valve as this is the most common reason why the F2 fault code shows up on Ideal Boilers such as the Logic or Logic Plus.

First, your boiler engineer will want to make sure that the gas valve doesn’t get stuck. It won’t allow the gas valve to rotate if it isn’t. This will prevent the burner and pilot jet from receiving the fuel they require. Your boiler will display the F2 fault code once the flame has gone out.

Sometimes an engineer can fix a stuck valve. However, an engineer may not be able to fix a stuck gas valve. An Ideal boiler replacement will likely cost about £300.

Other faults that may affect gas valves are loose or damaged wiring.

To learn more, you can contact a technician to repair your gas valve.

Faulty Fan

A boiler fan creates a draught or flow of air. The draught forces harmful waste gases out of the flue pipe to ensure they don’t build upon your property.

A faulty fan can result in a dangerous boiler that cannot vent its toxic fumes. This is a serious fault, and the boiler will not even start if it stops running. If the fan stops functioning while the boiler’s on, the flame will go out and the F2 fault code will appear on the boiler.

You can call an engineer to inspect your fan if you suspect this is the problem. You can also read our complete guide to boiler fan problems.

Flue gases

A boiler that doesn’t have a solid airway to allow flue gases to escape will display the F2 fault code as this will cause the flame loss issue due to lack of oxygen.

The build-up of flue gases is one of the possible causes. This is most common if the flue is vertical (through the roof) without a guard. This leaves the possibility of debris (leaves, etc.). can build up in the flue and cause a blockage.

To determine if this is true, you can hire a Gas Safe engineer. To determine the exact cause of the problem, they will run the fan, gas valve, and flue.

Gas Pressure

Gas pressure affects the strength of your boiler’s flame. The gas pressure should not be too low. If it is, the flame will die and your Ideal boiler will show “F2”.

To determine the cause of the problem, a qualified Gas engineer can test the gas meter’s pressure (from mains gas), and out of the meters.

Gas supply

You might have a mains gas problem (your gas supply). In this case, your other gas appliances may also stop working and you will need to contact your gas company.

The problem could arise during winter months, when the regulator on your meter may have frozen. This will restrict gas flow and the Printed Circuit Board will issue a command to the boiler for safety lockout mode.

How can you repair a flame loss in a boiler?

Boiler flame loss can occur due to a problem with the gas supply or another issue that prevents the boiler from operating safely. You must first determine the cause of the flame loss and repair it before you can reset the boiler.

Gas Safe heating engineers are the best people to consult about boiler problems that cause loss of flame.

How can you fix the ignition lockout of an Ideal boiler?

Low gas pressure, carbon buildup on the burner and other causes can all cause ignition lockouts. The exact cause of ignition lockouts will depend on what is causing them. A Gas Safe boiler engineer should investigate the problem. Most cases require only simple repairs or replacement parts to get the boiler back to igniting.

How can I reset my Ideal boiler

You will need to reset the boiler to fix any fault codes or get it back to work.

To reset the mode control knob, turn it and then allow it to return to its original settings.

The boiler will start the ignition sequence after you have turned the mode control knob.

If the boiler does not light after you’ve completed all of the steps and the F2 error code keeps flashing up, call a gas engineer immediately.

Do I need a new boiler?

If you repeatedly get this Ideal fault code or the common L1 fault codes or L2 fault codes then it may be time to consider if your boiler issues are starting to cost you more than the price of a new boiler. If these issues are stopping your central heating, hot water or boiler working properly when the cold weather arrives then it may be better for your peace of mind also.

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