What Are Cookies?

As a standard practice utilised by most professional websites, easyboilers.com employs cookies, which are small files downloaded to your computer to enhance your browsing experience. This document outlines the information these cookies collect, their usage, and the reasons for storing them. Additionally, it provides guidance on preventing cookie storage, although doing so may impact certain elements of the website’s functionality.

For more comprehensive information on cookies, refer to the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

How we use cookies

Cookies are employed for various purposes, as detailed below. Unfortunately, disabling cookies often comes with no standardised options without entirely compromising the site’s functionality and features. It is advisable to keep all cookies enabled unless you are certain they are unnecessary, as they may be integral to services you use.

Disabling Cookies

You can adjust your browser settings to prevent the installation of cookies (refer to your browser Help for instructions). Keep in mind that disabling cookies may affect the functionality of easyboilers.com and other websites you visit, potentially disabling specific features. Therefore, it is recommended not to disable cookies.

The Cookies We Set

To provide an optimal user experience on easyboilers.com, we offer the ability to set preferences for site functionality. Cookies are necessary to remember these preferences and ensure a consistent experience whenever you interact with pages affected by your choices.

Third Party Cookies

In some instances, we make use of cookies provided by trusted third parties. The following section outlines the third-party cookies you may encounter on easyboilers.com.

We use Google Analytics, a widely used analytics solution, helps us understand your site usage and enhance your experience. These cookies may track metrics such as your site duration and visited pages to create engaging content. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, visit the official Google Analytics page.

During the testing of new features and subtle site changes, cookies may be employed to maintain a consistent user experience and gauge user preferences.

As a seller of products, it’s vital for us to grasp statistics regarding the conversion of site visitors to purchasers. The data tracked by these cookies aids in making informed business predictions, enabling us to monitor advertising and product costs for optimal pricing.

To offset operational costs and support further development, this site utilises behavioural advertising cookies. These cookies anonymously track your interests to deliver relevant advertisements.

In some cases, we may offer custom content based on the information you provide directly or indirectly through a linked social media account. These cookies help deliver content tailored to your interests.

More Information

This overview aims to clarify our cookie usage. If uncertain about whether you need cookies enabled, it is generally safer to keep them on to avoid potential disruptions to features you use on our site. For additional information, feel free to contact us through our preferred contact methods.

However, if you are still looking for more information, you can contact us through one of our preferred contact methods.

Easy Boilers values your privacy and strives to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience on our website.