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Eon Boiler Installation Reviews 2023

Eon Boiler Installation Reviews 2023

Eon boiler installation & replacement reviews including costs

Eon is one of the main energy giants in the UK and also installs thousands of boilers every year.

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Similar to other big energy companies, Eon are a very large company with a large number of gas boiler engineers who are on hand to install boilers across the UK, however, this generally makes an Eon replacement boiler more expensive, and you can save at least £200 by comparing other boiler installation companies

Eon Boiler Replacement Overview

In our Eon boiler installation review, we look at the pros and cons of EON and what customers are saying, and Eon is a huge company therefore, they can install more boilers, but this does come at a cost, and whether or not you consider it money well spent will depend on how you look at it.

We have taken the time to find out all about Eon and other boiler installations and what they can offer UK households. Eon installs boilers from top manufacturers such as Worcester Bosch, so let’s take a look at how good Eon is and how much a new boiler cost from this energy company.

If you want to compare similar companies and boiler prices then check out our latest British Gas boiler prices review where you can compare one big installation company to another that also provide gas and electricity to the UK.

Are Eon new boilers good?

The boilers that Eon install are suitable, as they only install boilers from the top brands such as Worcester Bosch.

Eon also employs many experienced Gas-Safe registered boiler installers, which matters more, as a good boiler will only work well if installed correctly and makes sure that your replacement boiler warranty is valid as well as insured for any unsafe fitting.

What’s included in Eon New Boiler Replacement

If you are looking for an Eon boiler replacement then you can now use their online replacement boiler calculator which will give you a fixed price for some of the best boilers suitable for your home and with the likes of Help Link being bought by Homeserve and the ex-owners starting up Boxt, Eon has got to be competitive.

Once you have looked through the choice of replacement boilers, such as the Worcester 4000 or the Viessmann Vitodens 050-w available and picked the one suitable to your budget, you can then book your installation date.

New replacement boilers from Eon checklist

When you choose an Eon new boiler replacement you will get the following included in the installation:

  • Brand new replacement boiler
  • Full installation from a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • Pipework
  • Boiler flue
  • Condensate pipe
  • Magnetic filter
  • System cleanse
  • Boiler warranty

All these are what you should expect to be included in the new boiler cost and if you need boiler controls you can also request these online too and can be connected when the engineer fits your boiler.

Buying an Eon new boiler

Once you have chosen your boiler and installation date you then need to choose how you want to pay for your new Eon boiler, of which there are several different ways you can pay for your boiler.

Here is how you can pay for your boiler replacement:

Pay in full before the installation

If you have the funds available and can pay by card online, then you can pay for your boiler in full online right away before installation however, if you are confident that Eon is going to do a good job, then this is a good option.

Pay a £250 deposit and pay after installation

If you can afford to pay in full but want to ensure that the replacement boiler is installed correctly before paying in full then this is a good option. 

0% finance up to 4 years

If you want to spread the cost of your boiler but not pay a penny more, then you can take advantage of Eon’s 0% interest boiler finance.

This means that you don’t pay any deposit and just start paying the month after your boiler has been installed therefore, you don’t pay a penny more than what the initial new boiler cost.

Low rate 7.9% finance over ten years

If you want to have a really low monthly payment of around £25 per month, then you can spread the cost over 10 years, but with this, you do pay extra for this service as there is interest charged.

If you want to compare to ensure that your are getting a good pay monthly deals why not check out our British Gas boilers on finance review page to see what they have to offer too.

Eon Boiler installation prices

Worcester 4000combi boiler25kw£2,095 including installation
Worcester 8000combi boiler30kw£2,600 including installation

Eon Reviews and Trustpilot

Eon has over 32,000 reviews on the well-known review site Trustpilot but is only averaging 3.4 out of 5, which is classed as average.

Compared to the competition, such as Easy Boilers, which is averaging 4.9/5 and are rated excellent, Eon is pretty poor.

Although many of these reviews are energy-based, they all involve communication and poor customer service. 

Compare Eon new gas boilers.

Eon is not the only boiler installation company that offers all these services and other boiler companies, such as Easy Boilers, offer the same best combi boilers, including installation for less.

You can also get boiler cover direct, which they have partnered up with Homeserve which is a direct competitor to British Gas Homecare.

You can also use their online boiler calculator quote tool to get an instant fixed price so don’t hesitate, to compare now and see how much cheaper they are on Worcester Bosch boilers and other major new boiler brands.

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