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Boiler Warranty – What are the best boiler warranties?

Boiler Warranty – What are the best boiler warranties?

Boiler warranty terms, conditions and which is the best 10-year warranty?

A boiler warranty should be on your mind when buying a new boiler.

This is a manufacturer’s stamp of approval of how good they think the particular model of boiler is and the boiler warranty should always be included in the new boiler cost.

Warranties on new boilers vary from 2 years as standard right up to 12 years with certain warranty conditions attached, however, the most common and best value warranty is ten years as standard. 

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Boiler Warranty – what is it, and how does it work?

boiler warranty

A boiler warranty, in a nutshell, covers any problems you may have with your boiler during the guarantee period.

This includes parts, labour, call-outs, and anything your need to repair your boiler for free, however, If your boiler is entirely beyond economical repair, then they will swap it with a brand new one.

The best bit is that all this is at no extra cost to you and why a boiler warranty is so important.

Boiler Guarantee and annual service

After your boiler installation, be aware you do have to get your boiler serviced every year and adhere to the boiler warranty terms to keep your boiler warranty valid. You should always check.

To help with this, you don’t want to pay for your service in a lump sum every year.

You can pay monthly for boiler cover for as little as £6.99

10-Year Warranty Boilers, including parts and labour

The 10-year boiler guarantee is what we believe is the best value to customers.

You don’t have to pay for an expensive boiler such as the Worcester 8000 or any extra for the ten years boiler warranty cover.

Here is a list of manufacturers and boilers that have a 10-year manufacturer warranty when serviced annually included in the new boiler cost :

Boilers With a 10-year guarantee

Worcester Bosch 400010 years
Viessmann Vitodens 050-w10 years
Baxi 80010 years
Ideal Logic Max10 years
Alpha E-Tec Plus10 years

Combi boiler with a 10-year warranty

If you are looking for a combi boiler then you will be glad to know that many of them are covered with a 10-year warranty.

These are some of the most popular boilers on the market, and you can be sure that they will last.

Combi boilers don’t often break down these days, but if they do, you want the peace of mind of an extended guarantee. 

Even the best boilers break down at some point.

Best Boiler Warranty Cover – Which manufacturers offer the most extended warranty?

warranty certificate

As you would expect, Worcester Bosch boilers offer some of the best warranties or guarantees on the market.

So do other manufacturers such as ATAG, Viessmann, and Ideal at a lower price.

Let’s take a look at the most extended boiler warranty cover offers that are available from each different boiler manufacturer.

Compare the Longest Boiler Manufacturer Warranty of 12 years or more

Here is a list of the longest boiler brands and warranties of 12 years available right now:

7-year guarantee boiler

Another famous warranty or guarantee with boiler brands is a 7-year guarantee.

This is because the boiler installed is generally cheaper to buy initially. You can save over £200 by getting a boiler with a 7-year guarantee.

The new boilers will last as long as the other 10-year warranty boilers, but you don’t get the extra cover for any boiler repair. 

You must adhere to the basic warranty conditions to keep your cover intact.

Boilers with a 7-Year warranty

Here is a short list of boilers that offer a 7-year warranty period as standard or extended warranties:

Worcester Bosch 20007 years
Baxi 6007 years
Ideal Logic Plus7 years
Alpha E-Tec7 years

Are boiler warranties different to a guarantee?

Yes, a standard warranty just covers certain things on your boiler, which the manufacturer will outline.

A boiler guarantee, on the other hand, covers you for everything if your boiler breaks, including labour, parts, and even a new boiler if the Gas Safe registered heating engineers can’t fix it at a reasonable cost.

This is why a guarantee or extended warranties are worth every penny. 

Different boiler manufacturer warranties

Different boiler manufacturers do offer a variation of warranties.

Most manufacturers like Worcester bosch, Viessmann, Baxi, and Ideal offer a standard 2-year warranty on every boiler as a minimum. Some offer more of up to 5 years or even ten years.

The Atag Economiser comes with ten years as a minimum.

All these boiler brands offer an extended warranty on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. This will vary depending on the boiler model.

List of boiler brand warranty terms & conditions and how to register

Here is a short list of boiler brands and the warranty terms and conditions to help you if you need assistance.

The main thing to note is that every boiler warranty will require you to get an annual service by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

How much is a boiler warranty?

A boiler warranty is included with the boiler when you buy it. How long depends on the make and model.

The more you pay for your boiler, the longer the warranty generally is. It is all factored into the cost of the boiler. 

Boiler Warranty Cost Breakdown

If you think that the average boiler with 10 years warranty will cost around £800 for just the boiler, then you are essentially paying £80 per year over ten years.

£80 per year for not having to pay anything extra for something as crucial as your boiler breaking is money well spent. 

Boiler warranty terms and conditions

The minimum standard that every boiler manufacturer’s warranty will stipulate is that the boiler must be installed and serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

This ensures that the boiler is looked after, working correctly, and stopping any potential breakdowns or costs to the manufacturer.

If this is done, you can expect years of hassle-free heating. 

Boiler warranty conditions you may need to adhere to


Every manufacturer has slightly different conditions that you will need to meet to ensure that your warranty is valid.

Here are the main ones that you can expect when buying a new boiler from most boiler companies.

  • A new gas boiler cost includes it being installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Some companies will want their registered installers to complete the work.
  • The boiler must be serviced every year. Some companies will state that their engineers have to service the boiler.
  • The warranty must be registered with the manufacturer within 30 days of installation.
  • All repairs are to be carried out using only manufacturer-approved parts. 
  • A common condition is also that the central heating system is flushed to ensure that there is no sludge or debris left that could damage the new boiler.

Extended boiler warranties

Extended boiler warranties are where the standard warranty can be added to by adhering to extra conditions as per the manufacturer.

These include adding or using extra parts such as magnetic filters, using only specific specially trained installers, or even just paying extra.

Always check what warranty is included in the cost of a new boiler before you buy.

New boiler cover and warranties

Boiler cover is one of the best ways to ensure that your warranty or extended warranty is kept valid.

It is also an excellent way to ensure that your boiler is covered for any repairs or annual service after the warranty period.

Boiler cover and warranty servicing

A boiler service costs around £80. With boiler cover, you can pay monthly for your service, so you don’t have to pay a lump sum on the day.

If you are out of the warranty period, you can get up to £750 for repair costs from an accredited installer.

How much is the boiler warranty?

A boiler warranty should be included in the cost of a new boiler. This usually means that a boiler with a long warranty will cost more as it will be factored into the price. For example, the best combi boilers such as the Viessmann Vitodens 050 come with at least 10 years warranty from the manufacturer.

How much does boiler installation cost?

Boiler installation costs between £1,600 and £5,000 depending on the make and model of the boiler and what type of installation you required. For example, a direct combi boiler swap costs around £2,200 on average, whereas a full back boiler conversion costs around £4,000.

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What conditions could void a boiler warranty, and how can I maintain the warranties validity?

Many conditions could void a boiler warranty. These may include failure to register the warranty within the specified timeframe, not using a Gas Safe registered engineer for installation and annual servicing, using unauthorised parts or unapproved installers for repairs, and neglecting to flush the central heating system before installation.

Homeowners can ensure compliance by carefully reading and understanding the warranty terms, registering the warranty promptly, scheduling annual services with Gas Safe registered engineers, using approved parts and installers for repairs, and following any other specified requirements outlined in the warranty documentation. Regular servicing and adherence to warranty conditions can help homeowners maintain the validity of their boiler warranty.

Are there extra expenses linked to extended boiler warranties beyond the initial boiler purchase price?

Yes, there can be additional expenses associated with extended boiler warranties beyond the initial purchase price. While the warranty itself may be included in the boiler cost, homeowners may incur extra charges for optional warranty extensions, annual servicing fees to maintain warranty validity, and any repairs or parts replacements not covered under the warranty terms. Additionally, some warranties may require specific conditions to be met, such as using approved installers or parts, which could lead to additional costs.

What repair costs are typically covered under a boiler warranty in case of a breakdown, and are there any limitations?

A boiler warranty typically covers repair costs associated with breakdowns, including parts and labour expenses. In case of a breakdown, the warranty usually covers the replacement or repair of faulty components, ensuring that homeowners do not incur additional expenses for covered repairs. However, there are limitations and exclusions to be mindful of, such as the requirement for annual servicing by a certified professional to maintain warranty validity.

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