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Oil Boiler Prices – Compare the best oil boilers

Oil Boiler Prices – Compare the best oil boilers
oil boiler prices worcester heat slave

About two million UK homes are not hooked up to the gas grid. So, oil boilers provide a convenient solution for homes where natural gas is not an option.

However, it can be expensive to install new oil boilers. For example, the price of replacement oil boilers could range from £2,000 to £5,500. Nevertheless, the investment may be worth it as modern oil boilers can lower your annual energy expenses by 50% and improve your comfort at home.

Oil Boiler Prices UK – Compare boilers in the UK

Here is all that you need to know about new boiler costs, reliable boiler brands and types, oil vs. gas boilers, and the extra costs involved in installing oil boilers. Oil boilers aren’t cheap but they are a great solution for people who don’t have a gas supply.

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What is an oil boiler and how do they work?

An oil boiler heats up your hot water and central heating system by burning oil instead of gas like the typical domestic boiler. Oil boilers are generally larger and floor standing as they have to take on the oil and burn this instead which makes them heavier and more robust. You have to put the oil in yourself and keep it topped up. Oil is usually stored in a separate tank outside so you can take large fuel deliveries at any one time to save on delivery costs.

Oil Boiler Replacement – getting a new oil boiler

Replacing an oil boiler with another oil boiler is a relatively easy task for an OFTEC registered installer. If you are looking at replacing a gas boiler with an oil boiler then costs will start to greatly increase. If this is the case you may want to make sure that this is definitely the best option for you. Gas boilers are among the cheapest to run, but if you think an oil boiler replacement is better for you and your home then you should look into fuel costs, oil delivery and availability.

What size oil boiler do you need for your home?

Choosing the right sized oil boiler replacement for your home ensures that your hot water and heating work efficiently and effectively. The larger your home the higher the output you require. The outputs you will require are very similar to that of gas boilers. Take a look at our quick guide to oil boiler sizes for homes in the Uk to help you decide which is best for you.

Replacement oil combi boiler size guide

small homes with up to 10 radiators and 1 bathroom24kw-29kw
Medium-sized homes with up to 15 radiators and 1 bathroom30kw-35kw
large homes with 15+ radiators and up to 2 bathrooms36kw or more

The above guide is just for oil combi boilers. As you can see the size or output is pretty much the same as natural gas combi boilers. If you have a larger property with 5 bedrooms or 3 or more bathrooms you may want to consider an oil system or regular boiler.

How much is a new oil boiler?

A brand-new oil boiler may cost you about £1,000 to £3,000. However, the actual new boiler cost may vary with respect to the flue, size of your property, as well as the need for extensions and elbows.

To get better deals, you may want to research the boiler market and compare prices from different brands before you make your purchase decision. For example, while a Worcester Greenstar 32/50 boiler could cost you £2,200, a Worcester Greenstar Danesmoor 12/18 external regular oil boiler could be priced at £1,790.

Oil Boiler Prices UK

Oil boilers come in different types such as regular unit, combi boiler, and system boilers but are still condensing boilers. Each type of oil boiler has its own advantages and downsides, and as a result, different boilers may suit different types of properties.  Always compare different manufacturers and installers to ensure that you get the best price on any oil boiler.

oil boiler prices worcester danesmoor

Combi Oil Boiler Price – Instant hot water when you need it

This is a cost-effective heating system that provides central heating. Apart from the oil storage unit, combi oil boilers don’t require additional tanks or cylinders to function. As a result, they save you space. Although this design makes combi boilers suitable for small and medium homes, they may not live up to their expectations if there is a high demand for hot water in properties with multiple bathrooms.

Price of new oil boiler

New oil boilers cost £1,600 without installation, this is for the smaller output models, the larger the output the higher the cost. If a combi boiler isn’t powerful enough for your home or you have a high hot water demand, property owners with over two bathrooms may want to install regular boilers instead, as they have storage cylinders for hot water. You can choose combi boilers in the range of 18kW, 25kW, and 32kW ratings.

System Oil Boiler Prices

These types of boilers directly heat your central heating system and collect hot water in a cylinder. All you have to do is turn on the tap and shower, and you can get preheated water from the hot water cylinder. You could also pay monthly for your oil boiler

Oil system boilers receive their water supply from the mains, and thereby eliminate the need for cold water tanks, which is a characteristic of regular boilers. 

Regular Oil Boiler Prices

These are the oldest boiler types you can find today, mainly in traditional properties. Instead of drawing water from the mains in a way similar to combi and system boilers, regular boilers derive their water from a cold water tank in the loft. This way, regular oil boilers heat the central heating system as they store domestic water in cylinders.

Experts recommend that you consider reinstalling regular oil boilers if your current heating system has a standard boiler. This idea is termed as the “like-for-like boiler swap”. Although they may occupy a lot of space, regular boilers are excellent for homes with high water demands.

What Are the Top Oil Boiler Brands?

oil boiler prices worcester logo

For many years, two major brands, namely Worcester Bosch and Grant have been dominating the oil boiler market. Worcester Bosch manufactures a wide variety of oil boilers for different purposes, including commercial and residential applications. Popular models from Worcester include the Greenstar and Danesmoor boilers.

Grant is also a cool boiler alternative for property owners. Their solid reputation in the boiler industry makes them as good as Worcester. Do you want a high-quality boiler at an affordable price backed by a 10-year warranty? The Grant Vortex boiler may just be your best bet. Other equally good boiler brands are Firebird Envirogreen, Warmflow Utility, and Mistral Combi.

Worcester Bosch Oil Boiler Prices

MakeModelOutput (kW/H)Boiler Price
Worcester BoschGreenstar Danesmoor12/18£1,695
Worcester BoschGreenstar Danesmoor18/25£1,774
Worcester BoschGreenstar Danesmoor25/32£2,196
Worcester BoschGreenstar Heat Slave25/32£2,819
Worcester BoschGreenstar Heat Slave18/25£2,710
Worcester BoschGreenstar Heat Slave12/18£2,615

How Does A Combi Oil Boiler Work?

oil boiler prices worcester 8000

Many oil boilers draw up fuel from a tank that’s stored somewhere outside a home. The boiler sprays fuel oil over the top of an igniter, producing flames in a combustion chamber. The flame produced from the combustion process heats the combustion chamber that’s situated below a water tank. Pumped water from the house can then flow through the tank and get heated; then be pumped back to other areas in the home that need hot water. The heated water also distributes heat energy through the building when it’s pumped away from the hot water tank.

Oil Boiler vs Gas Boilers: Which One to Choose

If you thought that oil boilers are not common sources of heat in modern homes, think again. They are increasingly being used in remote homes where natural gas is not available. Oil boilers can effectively heat your home when you need them the most. They could be a good back boiler replacement.

Are oil boiler cheap to run?

Generally, gas boilers are easier to maintain, and they are not as expensive as oil boilers. Perhaps the primary advantage of a gas boiler is that it’s cheaper to install and operate. If you are a homeowner with access to a gas grid, installing a gas boiler is undoubtedly an economical option for you.

Are oil boilers expensive?

A standard gas boiler is two to three times less expensive than oil boilers. Having said that, some high-efficiency gas boilers are as costly as the oil ones. In financial contexts, gas is the most cost-effective fuel option on the market. On average, the UK household spends £550 per year on gas systems. The oil comes next and powers domestic heating systems at the cost of £700 per year.

The installation of an oil boiler requires you to add a storage tank for the fuel, meaning that you will have to find a large space in your home if you want to install a bigger tank to contain more fuel. 

In terms of efficiency, gas and oil boilers share similar results. However, while gas boilers may be more efficient in some respects, modern oil boilers also perform optimally when installed appropriately. It may also help reduce waste and carbon emissions in your home.

Why You May Need A Replacement Oil Boiler

With time, your boiler can decrease in efficiency, reliability and overall performance. When that happens, you may want to get a replacement boiler. Are you unsure about when to change your boiler? Here are a few tips to help you out. 

Consider investing in a replacement boiler when your current oil boiler:

oil boiler prices worcester
  • Is older than 10 years 
  • Is less efficient and increases your energy bills
  • Makes unusual noise consistently
  • Constantly breaks down
  • Does not have reliable spare parts on the market and gives engineers a tough time finding replacements.

How Much is New Oil Boiler Installation?

It can be expensive to install a new oil boiler in your home. While some boilers have self-venting units, others require a flue to remove the by-products of combustion. As a result, engineers may have to run a long pipe through your home. They will also need to install a fuel tank on a portion of your surrounding land before they connect a line from the fuel tank to the boiler. This series of engineering procedures will eventually add up to the overall cost of your boiler installation.

New oil boiler installation costs from £2,500

All in all, buying and installing a new oil boiler could cost you around £2,500 to £4,500. As if that’s not enough, you will typically buy about 150 gallons of fuel oil as part of your initial investments. Oil boiler installation costs can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, you may want to browse through multiple quotes to get competitive offers. 

Overall, property owners can expect to pay about £500 to £2,000 for the costs of labour and installation of a brand-new oil boiler, with the exact total costs varying with respect to many other factors. if you’re moving your boiler, expect to pay more.

Moving Your Oil Boiler to A Different Location

When you are researching the boiler market, you may realise that different manufacturers have different models for both external and internal installations. So, when your existing boiler gets in the way, you may want to opt for an external boiler. For interior boiler installation, homeowners are not limited to fitting them in their kitchen or utility rooms. 

You can also install your boiler in a loft, your garage or maybe your bedroom. Whatever the case may be, moving your boiler to a different location will increase the workload of engineers as well as the installation costs and the time it takes them to finish up the project. 

Oil Boiler Running Costs

Because boiler oil has to be stored safely in a tank, you may want to purchase your fuel in bulk. Since 2016, the cost of oil per litre has been on the increase, and it peaked in 2018. Surprisingly, amidst the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 saw oil prices fall to 36p per litre, similar to that of 2016. 

Assuming you use a 24kW oil boiler in your home for one hour, that translates to 24kWh of energy consumed. When the average cost of oil is 4.81p/kWh, your boiler running cost will be about £1.15 per hour. Hopefully, with the detailed information, you can estimate the costs of new boiler installations.

Oil boiler controls & thermostats

Oil boilers are just like any other boiler when it comes to controlling them. They require a thermostat which you turn up and down to control the temperature in your home. Some oil boilers can even be used with smart thermostats such as Nest and Hive.

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