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Gas Safe registered engineers – What it means

Gas Safe registered engineers – What it means

Why is a Gas Safe registered engineer so important?

Gas Safe registered is a sign of quality that demonstrates an engineer or plumber’s ability to work with natural gas and this article will provide more detail on what it means.

The official UK gas registry is Gas Safe Register and are the only people who can perform gas boiler installation and this is a list that allows legal businesses and engineers to work on gas appliances like boilers and cookers and provide things like an annual gas safety check.

The Health and Safety Authority has appointed the Gas Safe Register. Every gas engineer must be listed on the Gas Safe Register by law.

Similar to the way you have to pass a test before you can legally drive a car, you also need a license from the DVLA. Before an engineer can work with gas, they must be approved and trained by Gas Safe.

What is the Gas Safe Register?

Gas Safe Register is designed to protect homeowners, tenants, and customers of businesses from incompetent gas work suck as bad boiler installations.

They investigate reports of suspect or illegal gas work and pass that information on to the Health and Safety Executive. Businesses and individuals who have been accused of illegal gas work are prosecuted by the HSE.

Gas Safe also runs campaigns such as the Gas Safety Week to raise awareness about illegal gas work.

Recent Gas Safe research has shown that illegal gas fitters and unlicensed work put more than one million homes at risk each year and according to the same research, 1 in 5 gas appliances pose a danger and should be removed immediately due to the use of unqualified engineers.

These include combi boilers, gas fires, gas meters, and unsafe gas pipework. The study also revealed that very few homeowners check to make sure their engineer is Gas Safe registered to follow regulations.

All of our recommended installation companies only use gas engineers who are registered. They always check the qualifications of all engineers in their network against the official Gas Safe Register. You can be sure that any quotations you receive will include installation from Gas Safe registered engineers.

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What is a Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

To be allowed to work on gas appliances or installations by an engineer or plumber, they must be registered on the Gas Safety Register. The Gas Safe Register is a list of all engineers who are legally allowed to work with gas in the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Guernsey. This includes both liquefied petroleum and piped natural gas.

The types of appliances that a registered gas engineer can work with will depend on their qualifications. Until 2009, plumbers and engineers were both Corgi-registered.

How does an engineer register to be Gas Safe?

To be Gas Safe registered an engineer must first prove that they have the required qualifications and competences. This can be achieved in many ways. Engineers might have the required qualifications, or they may need training or retraining in order to meet the requirements. They must also prove that they have the experience required to take assessments and this includes an annual gas boiler service.

After an engineer is registered successfully, they will be granted probationary registration status. This status lasts for three months and requires that the engineer meets certain requirements, such as keeping records of all gas work, notifying the Gas Safe Register, and keeping records of any completed work.

Why is it important to be Gas Safe registered?

Gas Safety Register was created to protect the public from unqualified gas engineers performing unsafe work. Gas Safe registration means that your plumber or engineer is licensed to safely work with gas. They are also legally allowed to do so. This is crucial as many people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning, defective central heating systems, and boiler installations.

The chances of being incompetent are greatly reduced if you have a registered Gas Safe plumber or engineer. Being Gas Safe registered is a benefit for engineers. The Register is used by many potential customers to find engineers. Registered Gas Safe engineers have access to technical support and key industry standards at a reduced cost.

How to check if a registered engineer is Gas Safe

There are many ways for customers to verify that their plumber or engineer is Gas Safe registered. Go to the Gas Safe Register and choose the “Check an Engineer” option in the search box. After that, enter the number of the engineer. This is the license number found on the engineer’s Gas Safe ID card. This will display a photo of the engineer as well as details about their qualifications. You can also text “Gas” to 85080.

  • To verify whether they are Gas Safe registered, a company’s registration number is required.
  • To verify if an engineer is Gas Safe registered, they will need to have a seven-digit license number.

A text will be sent to you confirming that they are on the Register. If the engineer’s id card look suspicious you must let the registry know.

How do I find a Gas Safety engineer?

The Gas Safe Register website can help you find a registered plumber or engineer. Select the “Find by location” option in the search box. Next, type your postcode or name of your locality. This will display a list with contact information for Gas Safe registered engineers in the area. You can also choose whether you are searching for an engineer for commercial or domestic purposes.

Only use Gas Safe registered engineers for boiler installations

It is crucial that gas boiler installation work is done safely for everyone. Gas safety is vital for everyone involved. When getting a new boiler installed, you want to protect yourself from unsafe gas work and a bad installation. By getting a quote from one of our recommended installers you are ensuring that you only get Gas Safe registered engineers to carry out the work safely.

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