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Best Electric Boilers Including Electric Combi Boilers, System and Regular boilers

Best Electric Boilers Including Electric Combi Boilers, System and Regular boilers

Many of us have heated our homes and water with gas for many years, however, with all the talk about gas boilers being phased away to meet climate change targets, and for those not connected to National Grid, it might be worth looking into an electric boiler.

We thought it would make sense to contact our recommended installers who have plenty of registered boiler engineers if you are considering switching to an electric boiler, and, while they were working hard, these home heating experts have shared their opinions on electric boilers as well as what they consider the best electric boiler on market.

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What is an Electric Boiler?

Engineer checking electric boiler

Boilers that heat water with oil or gas are used in over 25 million homes whereas an electric boiler heats the water by passing it through an electric element similar to a kettle or electric shower. 

These electric boilers can be installed in small and medium-sized homes and produce hot water that can be used for central heating, baths and showers, therefore, for those who don’t have gas or are looking to reduce their carbon footprint, an electric combi boiler might be worth considering.

How does an electric combi boiler work?

An electric combi boiler is like an even more powerful electric shower that is fitted to your central heating and hot water system, or more commonly a kettle would be similar to how an electric combi boiler operates.

The electric boiler is connected with the mains electricity supply where it is also supplied with cold water from mains, just like a gas combi boiler. 

The heating element in the boiler heats up when you turn on the hot tap or activate the heating and in turn heats the water and transfers the heat to cold water. The hot water is now pumped to the taps or radiators which when you think about it is quite simple and clever, actually.

You want your electric boiler to be reliable and provide hot water, heating and heat, just like a traditional gas combi boiler therefore it should also have an energy-efficient design that will help you save money on heating costs.

Also, you want an extended warranty period from the electric boiler manufacturer so that if your boiler does not work properly, you won’t have to worry about extra repair costs.

These factors were taken into consideration when compiling our list of the top electric boilers available in the UK.

  • Boiler manufacturer offers a warranty period
  • Based on reviews from customers, the overall reputation of the boiler brand
  • Reputation among boiler installation professionals
  • Trustpilot reviews
  • You can also get awards and other accolades, e.g. Which? Best Buy Awards
  • Performance of customer service
  • The new boiler cost
  • Efficiency ratings

Electric combi boilers advantages

There is no need to have a supply of oil or gas.

For many of the homes in the UK that are not connected to a natural gas line, electric boilers may cost less and be a viable option as you only need an electric power supply to get started and these boilers can be stored neatly in a kitchen cupboard.

A green heating alternative

Electric combi boilers produce no heat from combustion, unlike their competitors such as oil boilers or gas boilers so if this type of central heating system is used with clean energy, an electric boiler can reduce your carbon footprint due to emissions.

100% efficiency

Many electric combi boilers have been certified to be 100% efficient which means that energy is converted to heat directly and not lost like gas boilers. It is unlikely that a gas boiler would achieve a higher efficiency rating than 95%.

Cheaper installation costs

An electric boiler does just requires a power supply making boiler installation easier. A gas boiler requires the installation of a flue, condensate pipe and flue. boiler installation is quicker and easier than traditional gas boilers.

Annual service not required

Electric boilers are not like boilers that heat fossil fuels. They don’t require constant annual boiler service. You could save money compared to if you bought a gas or oil boiler.

Carbon monoxide isn’t a danger

Gas boilers, as well as other combustible boilers, produce the poisonous by-product carbon monoxide. This can lead to fatalities.

Electric boilers don’t burn gas so there is no chance of a leak.

Compatible with green systems

Many electric boilers can be powered using renewable energy sources. For example, you could connect your boiler to your solar panel to get this free energy source. You can also use wood heat to power your boiler with similar linkage systems.

You can install almost anywhere

You don’t need to install a flue, which must be installed through the roof or wall. This gives you more freedom in where an electric boiler can be installed. Most small electric combi boilers are compact so they don’t take up much space.

If you are looking for a like for like boiler replacement this will be cheaper than changing boiler types.

Quiet operation

Electric boilers don’t have moving parts, so they are quiet when running. This is in contrast to gas or oil boilers which can be quite noisy.

Electric combi boilers disadvantages

Electric boiler

These are the top complaints about electric boilers.

It is expensive to run

Electricity is more expensive than gas so expect higher energy bills if your heating and hot water are heated by an electric boiler. You can offset this by using certain tariffs offered to energy providers or linking it with renewable energy sources, e.g. solar.

Hot water is limited

Electric boilers don’t produce as much heat, so they can’t heat water at the same speed as a gas boiler. Many electric boilers have a hot water cylinder, however, the relative flow rates of these hot water storage cylinders are low, which makes them less suitable for homes that have high hot water demands, e.g. Large 5-bedroom homes with 2 or multiple bathrooms.

Best electric combi boilers 2022

Electric Heating Company Mercury combi boiler

When it comes to heating, combi boilers are the best option due to their size and ease of use. The Mercury combi boiler, which is the latest addition to Electric Heating Company’s boiler range, comes in many output options to suit different property sizes. It also features some top-of-the-line features.

  • The output range is 12 to 26kW, which is suitable for homes with 6 to 17 radiators.
  • Compatible with central heating, underfloor heating
  • 5-year guarantee
  • 100% efficient in energy use (no energy lost).
  • To help you save energy, there are summer and winter modes.

This electric combi boiler has one drawback whereby the models with lower outputs cannot produce enough hot water to fill a hot tub efficiently. They are best used with showers.

Fisher Future Heat electric boiler

Fischer Future heat claims to offer the perfect replacement for your gas or oil boiler through innovative technology to help make the world a cleaner place. 

The Fischer EB can be used as an electric combi boiler which is the most popular type or a wall-mounted heat-only electric boiler if you have a hot water tank. They are both easy to install and maintain, making them perfect for home or domestic central heating and electric boiler needs in an efficient way.

Fischer’s electric combi boiler or Fischer electric duo uses traditional manufacturing techniques and designs, but also incorporates the most recent technology to improve efficiency. 

Many electric boilers used in UK homes are not able to withstand heat and humidity therefore fisher have changed the panels and replaced them with simpler, more user-friendly controls. This control, along with a wireless thermostat makes it easy to monitor your electric boiler’s energy consumption and ensure that it performs throughout the year.

What you get with a Fisher electric combi boiler

  • Included with a wireless thermostat
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 10 Year
  • No flue necessary
  • 100% efficiency at the point of use
  • Made in Spain

Elektra C electric combi boiler

The Elektra C electric combi-boiler can be wall-hung and is great for small homes or apartments. It provides instant hot water at 50 degrees, and central heating at 75 degrees when needed. This compact combi boiler is easy to install in almost any home. The electric boiler can also be used to heat the floor with underfloor heating

Best electric system boilers

Elnur Mattira system boiler

The only range of system boilers that can regulate energy consumption in accordance with heating requirements is Elnur’s Mattira range. The boilers measure the temperature of the property 20 times per second. Below are some additional key features.

  • The output range is 3 to 15kW, which can be used for up 10 radiators.
  • Compatibility with underfloor heating and central heating
  • SEM (Smart Electronic Modulating) regulates energy consumption
  • 100% energy efficiency
  • 5-year guarantee

This system boiler can provide hot water for large homes, but it has a limit to the number of radiators that it can support. It would not suit large homes.

Heatrae Sadia Electromax Electric Boilers

The electric flow boiler by Heatrae Sadia comes with a 180-litre stainless-steel hot water storage container. This hot water storage cylinder can provide hot water for both your radiators as well as your taps simultaneously.

This boiler is very attractive because it can provide high-quality water pressure to several faucets and showers simultaneously. The boiler is available in two sizes: 6kw or 9kw. It can also be placed inside an airing cabinet. Two-year warranty covers the Heatrae Sadia Electromax. The best electric boiler is capable of heating the floor.

Different types of electric boilers

There are many types of electric boilers to choose from. Some may be better suited for your home or lifestyle than others. The electric combi boiler, which is similar to natural-gas boilers has become the most widely used electric boiler.

Direct electric combi boiler

A combi boiler is an electric boiler that can provide hot water as well as central heating. It looks exactly like a gas combi boiler. An electric combi boiler acts as an electric hot-water boiler, heating the water whenever you need it. 

The combi boiler is the most cost-effective and easy to install. It doesn’t require a tank and will also save space in your home. You won’t have the option to heat your water overnight at a lower rate due to the lack of water storage. Check out our Comparison Tool to see the ranges of electric combi boilers currently available in the UK.


An electric storage boiler can be used on Economy 7 tariffs, which could help reduce your energy bills. An electric storage boiler can be supplied with a hot-water tank within the unit, or as an additional unit. They are usually more expensive than their immediate acting counterparts.

Electric CPSU

The Combined Primary Storage Unit (or CPSU) stores a lot of hot water inside the boiler, so that it can meet higher demand at lower pressure and faster. Unless you take a bath at least 12 times per day, a CPSU is unlikely to be needed in your home. These units are usually quite large, so they’re better suited for commercial installations.

Dry Core Storage

Dry Core Storage boilers work in the same way as storage heaters, but they are compatible with Economy 7 tariffs to get cheaper energy at night. The boilers heat bricks over night. Heat is released into the water for hot water and central heating.

Solar compatible

An immersion heater can be used to heat water in a storage tank.

Not all electric boilers can be used as storage heaters. The boiler heats water using electricity, but a storage heater heats bricks in your house overnight when energy costs are lower. You can then use the stored heat the next day.

Gas boilers vs. electric boilers

Electric boilers are generally not recommended for homes in the UK, as they have higher running costs. They can however be an option for rural areas and those without natural gas.

Why choose a gas boiler instead?

  • While it is commonly believed that electric boilers are environmentally friendly because they don’t use fossil fuels, one must also consider how electricity was generated originally. Although the UK generates electricity using renewable sources, most of it is still generated from fossil fuels.
  • Natural gas is still cheaper per unit (kWh), so running costs will be lower.
  • Gas boilers are more efficient than other types of heating and have a higher flow rate. They heat water much faster and can be used in larger homes with multiple outlets.

Why choose an electric boiler instead?

  • The efficiency of electric boilers is exceptional, with many being certified to be 100% efficient. Gas boilers, however, are less efficient at 95% efficiency.
  • These can be connected to your home’s own renewable energy storage, e.g. You can reduce your energy costs by using solar and biomass.
  • Even though electric boilers are not harmful in terms of carbon and toxic emissions, they can be used to generate electricity.

Should I get a new boiler?

If your old boiler is over 10 years old then here at Easy Boilers we strongly recommend you upgrade your central heating system as over time boilers become much less energy efficient.

You can compare some of the best combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers online with one of our recommended Gas Safe registered installation companies or get in touch with them to get prices on an electric boiler. Simply get a boiler quote online now.

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